Rock Square is a social commerce platform devoted to the music lifestyle: one part marketplace and one part social network. It provides the premiere online destination for music consumers to buy, sell, and connect to their passion by offering an authentic and immersive community with exclusive content and social interaction; and a marketplace to buy and sell everything from vintage guitars and band merchandise, to vinyl, consumer audio electronics, and rock fashion. 



Rock Square seeks to provide music fans, musicians, and music professionals with an authentic, feature-rich marketplace and community dedicated to their passion.

Rock Square is a community-based marketplace and social network devoted to the celebration of great music, the artists who make it and the fans that never get enough.
— Paul Scharfe, Founder/CEO Rock Square


  • Proprietary social commerce technology encourages social interaction and product sharing
  • Advanced marketplace features include: user-managed storefronts, fixed-price and auction formats, inventory management tools, multi-order checkout
  • MySquare™ social network and community connects music enthusiasts and provides music news, buyers’ guides, artist interviews, product reviews, guitar lessons and more