There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he does not mind who gets the credit.
— from the desk of President Ronald Reagan

Fernandez Holdings is a long-term investment firm focused on adding healthy companies to its portfolio and investing in them for the future.  Fernandez Holdings companies begin as well-managed, middle-market businesses with revenues of $20 to $250 million, and then through a two-pronged approach of maintaining what has made them successful in the past and making incremental improvements for the future, the companies grow and increase in profitability.  For some companies, injecting capital for growth and aggressively targeting new markets makes sense.  For others, shoring up the business foundation and growing steadily year after year is the path that works best.  Fernandez Holdings recognizes the unique needs of each business in its portfolio and provides the resources to accomplish the specific strategies for each company.  

The Fernandez Holdings portfolio is nearly $1 billion.  All investment capital is owned by Fernandez Holdings, generated by the portfolio companies, with no limited partners or time-constrained investment fund partnerships to influence decisions..  

Kirk Fernandez, founder and CEO of Fernandez Holdings, laid the foundation for the firm through years of successfully managing and growing Solutionz Conferencing into one of the top companies in the audio visual industry.  Out of this success, Mr. Fernandez began expanding into other markets and industries.  With each new venture, regardless of the industry, the consistent application of the business principles that made Solutionz successful has produced the same positive results in each company in the Fernandez Holdings portfolio.  

Today Fernandez Holdings continues this philosophy with each portfolio company.  While operating independently, each company focuses on these core business values, and Fernandez Holdings is actively adding businesses that share these values to its portfolio.  As a member of the Fernandez Holdings family of companies, businesses benefit from the financial strength of Fernandez Holdings and the ability to leverage the expertise of sibling companies to enhance profitability and deliver long-term, sustainable growth.