eCivis® is the leading online provider of federal, state, and foundation grants information and grants management solutions for government entities and their partners. From local communities to state organizations, clients such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Raleigh, and Houston rely on eCivis every day to successfully find, manage, and learn about grants.  In-house personnel design the eCivis grants research software, and the dedicated research team finds, distills, and populates the grants data, ensuring that each client has access to the most current grants information.



Since 2000, eCivis has been the only end-to-end grant management system in the nation for state, local, and tribal governments. Our solution encompasses 3,500 plus successful implementations and more than 150,000 hours of training, helping our customers pursue $550 billion plus in grants annually. Our partnerships with the public sector include many of the largest grant portfolios in the country, as well as small towns and cities.

eCivis definitely makes our work more streamlined so that we can keep our focus on sustaining and expanding the County’s progressive and innovating services that serve our 1.5 million residents.
— Hilary Crowley, Fund Development and Communication Specialist County of Alameda, CA